5 Online Resources by People of Color
Adam Schwartz

The digital space is vast and varied and it isn’t difficult to find resources for everything from career, savings, business entrepreneurship to fashion, beauty, travel, food and more. But we have put together this amazing list of 5 online resources by people of color:

1. Blavity

Blavity delivers interesting news aimed specifically at African-American millennials. The format of the site is clean and modern. The site is a relatively new entrant in this space but reaches in excess of seven million millennials each month, making it one of the fastest-growing media platforms on the web. It specializes in offering in-depth coverage of African-Americans in technical fields.

Morgan DeBaun (CEO) is the founder of Blavity and the co-founders were Aaron Samuels, Jonathan Jackson, and Jeff Nelson. It was founded in 2014 and is a conjunction of the words "black" and "gravity". The site is inspired by DeBaun's experience when she was an undergraduate at Washington University. She found that sharing meals in the college cafeteria at their regular table attracted a large number of black students and they discussed everything from pop culture to politics which was somewhat intellectual “blackgravity”.

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2. The Grio

The Grio is a news site that focuses on African-Americans. It emphasizes stories and video that aren’t found on general-interest and national press. It covers a wide range of topics including politics, style, entertainment and news. They have in-depth trenchant opinions and feature pieces. Their editorial mandate is all about focusing on events and news that have a significant impact or unique interest within the African-American audiences, in the United States.

The Grio offers news and features that are underrepresented in existing news outlets in the country. It was originally launched in June 2009 and was a division of NBC News, after which it moved to being a division of MSNBC in 2013.

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3. The Root

The Root is an African-American site by Gizmodo Media Group. It covers a range of themes, from politics to fashion entertainment to news while mixing in significant related content from their other Web properties. The site is also the home of Journal-isms, Richard Prince’s superb column, focused on race and diversity in media.The Root 100 is its annual "list of 100 most important black influencers in the 25 and 45 age range.

The list has been in publication since 2011. Readers of the site can nominate people that they feel deserving of be on this list which had people ranging from athletes, celebrities likeDonald Glover, and writers like Roxane Gay. The Root was launched by Donald E. Graham and Henry Louis Gates Jr. on January 28, 2008. The Slate Group which is the Graham Holdings Company’s online subsidiary, owns the site.

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4. Travel Noire 

Travel Noire, is a highly innovative travel company and a successful media platform for black travelers. Some statistics state that this demographic accounts for $48 billion of the Unites States’ travel market that touched $341B in 2015. The site has various sections and people can indulge in life-changing trips and customized travel itineraries. There is a significant amount of content added daily to inspire you to travel and satiate your wanderlust.

Blavity, the media startup focusing on black millennials, acquired Travel Noire on Sep 18, 2017 and added to its existing monthly audience of 30M readers. This acquisition makes Blavity the go-to site for American black millennials looking for travel recommendations and pointers.

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5. Black Enterprise

Black Enterprise is the leading, investing, wealth-building and business resource for black Americans. It has been in existence since 1970, providing essential business advice and information and to entrepreneurs, professionals, decision makers and corporate executives. Whether you are a business owner, or work for a smaller firm or corporate in the US, the platform has something for everyone looking to up their performance and achieve success in their individual fields.

This media firm focuses on educating and empowering their audience to become active participants in the creation of wealth in the global economy. The Wealth For Life initiative is the Black Enterprises’ centerpiece. It provides useful information for success-driven people at all stages of their financial journey. 

Everyone from recent college graduates taking that first stepstoward financial independence to seasoned mid-lifers looking to maximize investment opportunities and career options to retirees who want to be able to enjoy the fruits of their years of hard work, can find something of value on Black Enterprise.

All of these wonderful online resources are a great way for people of color to explore various possibilities, give wings to their desires and aspirations and find a voice and form of expression. The platforms are relevant, vibrant and dynamic and keep adding to their offerings making them a valuable resource for African-American people from different walks of life.

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