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Being Racist is STUPID (#BeingRacistisStupid) was Founded in 2020 as a response to George Floyd’s blatant murder.  

Our Founder, Adam Schwartz, decided to become an ally to evoke change and combat police brutality, acts of violence and ridicule against people of color to promote equality among ALL people.  As an advocate for equality, Adam experienced a plethora of cultures growing up in South Florida and Oklahoma.

Interactions with people from all ethnicities and experiences broadened his world view, and became a way of life he instilled in his children. 

By countering acts of violence with resources in the form of books, interviews, and commentary that promote equality, Being Racist is Stupid looks to help shift the culture as an ally toward change. 

Being Racist is Stupid because it’s rooted in HATE.
Being Racist is Stupid because it promotes implicit bias.
Being Racist is Stupid because it starts in MISUNDERSTANDING.

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our values

“We want to be heard by as many people as possible..”
- Founder, Adam Schwartz

Being Racist is Stupid has a simple vision: 
Reach as many people as possible with our messaging to promote equality and remove systemic racism.

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Headshot of Adam Schwartz

Adam Schwartz is an equality ally.

Born and bred in Miami, Florida he's a product of a melting pot of culture. After witnessing a consistent barrage of systemic racism, Adam decided to make his anti-racist remarks known, by launching a resourceful blog promoting equality.

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